Crystal and Fantasy Caves, Bermuda

Over the past century the caves have become Bermuda’s favorite attraction for thousands of visitors every year. On his second sojourn to Bermuda, Mark Twain stopped at the caves on a journey to St. George’s and described the experience: “We descended 150 steps and stood in a splendid place 250 feet long and 30 or 40 wide, with a brilliant lake of clear water under our feet and all the roof overhead splendid with shining stalactites, thousands and thousands of them as white as sugar, and thousands and thousands brown and pink and other tints. All lighted with acetylene jets.”

Much has been done through the decades to upgrade the accessibility and the comfort level for our visitors. But nothing can enhance this exquisite fantasy world that Mother Nature began over 30 million years ago. When they enter the caves, every visitor still feels the same sense of awe experienced that day over a century ago.