Mercer Caverns

Visitors enjoy the convenience of walkways and electric lighting. Cave tours last about 45 minutes. The cavern temperature is 55 degrees year-round. The tour covers about a quarter mile on walkways and stairs. There are a total of 440 steps, 208 down into the caverns and 232 up out of the caverns. Visitors descend a total of 160 vertical feet below the entrance.

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Cumberland Caverns

Cumberland Caverns is the longest known show cave in Tennessee. Originally known as Higgenbotham Cave and Henshaw Caves, a connection discovered in the 1950s made Cumberland Caverns over 27 miles long, with more passageways still being explored in the far reaches of the cave. Today, Cumberland Caverns offers walking tours, adventure tours, overnight cave camping, concerts and more in this beautiful National Natural Landmark site.

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Limestone Caves

Learn About Caves!

Most caves are solutional caves, often called limestone caves for the common type of soluble rock in which they form. The caves form as groundwater dissolves quantities of soluble rock by seeping along joints and faults.

Cavern Kids

Educate your Students!

Many caves of the NCA offer educational programs to students, scout troops and more! Contact our Director for a list of caverns that offer these programs.


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